Disability Action Plan

Consultation on Draft Disability Action Plan 2021-2025

Please note your feedback will be anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.

To read the Draft Disability Action Plan, please CLICK HERE. 

1. Are you responding as an individual or on behalf of an organisation?


2. If responding as an individual, do you have a disability?


3. If responding as an individual, are you a carer for someone with a disability?


4. If replying of behalf of an organisation, please give its name below:


5. Do you agree with the proposed actions in the draft plan?


6. If you only agree to some extent or disagree, can you please tell us why?


7. Do you have any other comments about our draft Disability Action Plan? Or any suggestions about other things that Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council can do to promote positive attitudes towards disabled people and encourage their participation in public life?