City Centre Masterplan Review

City Centre Masterplan Review

The regeneration of Lisburn City Centre remains a key priority for the Council.  We are seeking your views and feedback on our revised City Centre Masterplan on the way forward for Lisburn City Centre.

In line with the development of the Lisburn Castlereagh Community Plan, the Local Development Plan and trends in retailing and spending patterns, it is now important to review the strategic context of the Masterplan originally developed in 2010.

The purpose of the original Masterplan was to provide a vision for the City to develop a range of facilities and attractions that are expected of a regionally significant city to reach its full economic potential. Since its launch there has been considerable progress made on the projects included within it. Phase one was the City Centre Public Realm Scheme which saw a popular events space created in Market Square. It also featured plans for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Laganbank Quarter which is included within the review document.

You can view the Lisburn Masterplan Report by clicking here.

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3. Vision - Please indicate how relevant the revised vision is (Section 2.1);


4. 9 Regeneration Objectives - Please indicate below your overall opinion (Section 2.2);

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Continue to revitalise Market Square as the heart of the City Centre
To attract diverse and high-quality development at key strategic sites and reinforce the gateways to the City Centre
To utilise public sector assets as opportunities to provide regeneration
To reinforce the core retail function of Lisburn City Centre
To improve the leisure, visitor and evening economy
To encourage commercial office development in the City Centre
To reconnect the City Centre with the Lagan Corridor
To improve connectivity throughout the city centre
To encourage City Centre living

5. The Revised Masterplan - The review has identified 5 key development opportunity areas. Please indicate below your opinion on each (Section 3.3).

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A. Laganbank Quarter

A1 - Linenhall Street & Bridge Street
Laganbank Road Car Park is a major opportunity to provide a major mixed-use development. A range of uses would be acceptable.
A2 - Lagan Corridor
  • The site at the western end of Union Bridge has potential to provide a high-quality waterfront housing or an office-led scheme
  • By improving the park alongside the Laganbank Road, a strong Lagan Valley Regional Park gateway can be created. This would also benefit the proposed pocket park on the opposite side of the river.
B. Smithfield Square

The provision of a new pavilion building to overlook the square, which acts as both car park and flexible event space.
Smithfield Square presents the most suitable location for the Tuesday market as it could support a revitalised market offer if the public realm was improved with potential to host events throughout the year.
C. Jordan’s Mill and Antrim Street

C1 - Jordan’s Mill
Within Jordan’s Mill wider area there are three distinctive plots which would be suitable for redevelopment and together can transform this area.
(1) Vacant site between Antrim Street and McKeown Street.
(2) Lands between Bachelors Walk and McKeown Street.
(3) Lands at Graham Gardens.
C2 - Antrim Street
  • There is an opportunity to create a new distinctive and prominent entrance to Bow Street Mall, with public realm improvements reinforcing the importance of this retail development to the City Centre.
  • There are currently two buildings adjacent to the LCCC owned Antrim Street car park which could be redeveloped to provide an exciting development overlooking a new civic plaza. Bow Lane would be reconfigured and enhanced to emerge on to the new plaza.
D. Castle Street

The vacant site adjacent to the South Eastern Regional College lends itself to a range of uses including residential, office use or an innovation hub.
Redevelop the surface car park next to Castle Gardens to accommodate a mixed-use development, with the potential for residential development and / or a landmark hotel for the City Centre.
E. Lisburn Leisure Park

It will be important to ensure that any further development in the Leisure Park complements the traditional City Centre and retail core.

6. Public Realm Improvements- The review sets out a scope to continue improving the key streets within the City Centre (Section 3.4)

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Continue improving key streets and spaces within the City Centre, to integrate with the previous improvements at Bow Street, Market Square and Haslems Lane.

7. Leisure and Recreation- The review sets out a scope to continue improving the Leisure and Recreation within the City Centre (Section 3.5).

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Improving the links between the River Lagan Towpath and the City Centre core. Encourage walkers and cyclists using the towpath to take the opportunity to visit Lisburn City Centre.
Raising visitor awareness of what Lisburn City Centre has to offer, could be achieved via wayfinding and information provision in terms of signing, print and digital media and organised events such as walking festivals or a connecting City Centre trail loop.

8. Leisure and Recreation- The review sets out a scope to continue improving the Leisure and Recreation within the City Centre (Section 3.5).

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It is crucial to continue to invest in the existing programme of events and continue to explore new events which will encourage people to spend more time in the City Centre, especially in the evenings.
The Power of Light

The Outdoor Lighting Festival will increase the animation and vibrancy of the city centre through interactive installations and bespoke lighting columns.
Meanwhile Uses

Encourage meanwhile uses that enhance the vitality of the City Centre.
Evening Economy
  • Review the current use of the Irish Linen Centre and the potential for this to be a key driver for the cultural / evening economy.
  • Consider the relocation of the Arts Centre to a more central location has many benefits.

Please provide any additional thoughts or comments on the proposals set out in the revised Lisburn City Centre Masterplan: